Thursday, 07 June 2012

Why Wigs - Analysing the importance of Wigs in today's fast moving pace of life

Gone are the days when Wigs were once so obvious that they would be noticed a mile away and hence people were embarrassed. Today with the latest technique and near human hair type look feather extension and feel of the fibre used, a person could be stood right next to you and could even be touching your hair and they would not know. The stigma has disappeared in the West – UK, Europe, USA about wearing a wig. They are now considered as the fashion accessory every lady must have.Not only the young ladies, but indeed across the whole age spectrum for various reasons hence at the moment they are at the top of every young ladies wish list. The craze has taken the world by storm. The fact that so many celebrities are wearing wigs, hairpieces and extensions themselves, makes them a popular must have.  This of course means if it's now considered cool for the celebrities to wear them, then it is also cool for the public to be able to wear them.  The public can look more like their favourite celebrity in a blink of an eye. One can have an instant makeover and change one's hairstyle immediately.  One can change one's colour of hair without having to apply any chemicals to the hair.  One can change the length from short to long without the many years of waiting for hair to grow. One can go from long to short without the trauma of having to have one's own long hair cut off. It's almost like cosmetic surgery for your hair without the pain or the cost.People who have cancer and are undergoing treatment can suffer hair loss.  Ladies suffering with hormone deficiency can suffer from thinning hair especially after having a baby.  Ladies with imbalanced hormones can suffer from hair loss or thinning hair.  Another problem that can cause hair loss is Alopecia, where patches of Feather hair hair can be lost.  The hair may re-grow, but if it does it usually grows back in a different colour and texture from the natural hair.   Alopecia Totalis is where the person loses all of their hair.  The true reason for such hair loss is not fully known, although it is believed various factors can contribute to such a dramatic and devastating hair loss, one being stress.Today it is quite normal and classed as, "The in thing to do," for ladies to wear wigs for fashion, for a colour change or to change their style without the trauma or cost of having their own hair coloured or cut.  Other ladies and particularly celebrities who have got use to having a beautifully coiffed hairdo all the time, find it easier and more convenient to wear a wig to maintain their good looks constantly.Wigs come in various material – Synthetic Kanekelon Fibre which come in a wide array of colours that looks very natural and hence difficult to differentiate between a fibre and Real Human Hair.A latest fibre that is used is commonly called High Heat Fibre which has some of the versatility of Real Human Hair. This is because one can apply heat to it and hence can style, curl and straighten it. However only heat up to a Hair extensions maximum of 180 degrees can be used on it. This fibre also comes in various colours and quality is high end that gives the natural look like Real Human Hair.The third type is the Real Human Hair that is used for Wigs. Needless to say they can be very expensive as top quality of Human Hair is usually used. Most of these wigs are made in Mono filament which further increases the cost and hence price.

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